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Seabird Island Community School’s traditional name is Lalme’ Iwesawtexw.

Seabird Island Community School is a Group One K-12 Independent school located 1 km from Agassiz on the beautiful Fraser River 120 km east of Vancouver. We have an expected student enrollment of 185 students housed in the main school (K-8) and in an adjacent high school.

Lalme’ Iwesawtexw is a place to learn many skills. We are many nations, but we proclaim one goal to strengthen our pride, our language, our culture and our freedom.


Staff Names – Teaching Assignment/Position

Barbara WhitePrincipal/Model Schools Literacy 

Steve BeierVice-Principal/Career Education 

Dianna KayLanguage Development/ Halq’eméylem 

Diana CharlieHalq’eméylem Instructor 

Charlene Thomas – Halq’eméylem Instructor

Emerald JohnHalq’eméylem Teacher 

Jennifer Nielsen(K4) Junior Kindergarten Teacher 

Jennifer NielsenSenior Kindergarten Teacher 

Dean LucasGrade 1 Teacher 

Colleen MarchantGrade 2 Teacher 

Hannah HughesGrade 3 Teacher 

Alex RohaniGrade 4 Teacher/Teacher in Charge 

Sheila JohnsonGrade 5 Teacher 

Jennifer ScottGrade 6 Teacher 

Shane DouglasGrade 7 Teacher 

Beatrice StewartCultural Arts teacher K – 6 

Natasha JollymourGrade 11 homeroom, HS Science 

Greg DraguzetGrade 8 homeroom, HS Math 

Mark BuiGrade 10 homeroom, HS Social Studies 

Victoria SerafiniGrade 9 homeroom, HS English 

Tija FinchGrade 12 homeroom & HS LA 

Norman GalisP.H.E. Teacher K-12 & Electives 

Jeanette DonaldIn-House TOC & Recovery SEP Support 

Roseanne ShippeltK-12 Music Teacher & Electives 

Karla KayLibrarian/land-based learning 


2821 Chowat Road,
Agassiz BC, V0M 1A0

Phone: 1-604-796-3061
Toll-Free: 1-800-788-0322
Fax: 1-604-796-6068
E: education@seabirdisland.ca

Business hours

Weekdays 7:45am – 4:00pm
Closed on all statutory holidays

This is a video on explaining
the school’s purpose and origin.

This is a music video/song project
that a group of students worked on.

This is a video showing and
talking about the friendship bench project.

School Calendar