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Choosing the right school for your child is one of life’s most important decisions. We believe that sound education rests on a commitment to a code of academic integrity that stresses the principles of honesty, trust, respect, fairness and responsibility.

Learn more about who we are, why we’re different, our history, and about how you can register your child for Seabird Island Community School. You can even read through profiles on our Principals, Teachers, and Support Staff. Have a question? Contact us.

At Seabird Island Community School we believe that the development of the individual child is a partnership between home, school, and community. Throughout our school year we invite parents, grandparents, elders, community & political leaders, as well as family members to become a part of each student’s education. While we prepare our students to become productive members of society, we expose them to First Nations role models, elders, leaders, and cultural workers. This exposure provides our students with a strong sense of First Nations identity or awareness of First Nations culture alongside the core provincial curriculum that is taught at public schools throughout BC.

Our unique intertwining of culture and curriculum prepares our students physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually, and academically. Utilizing small class sizes we are able to offer our students superior, individualized instruction that will support them to be successful in their schoolwork. Our practical approach to education and the cooperative teamwork of our staff, education committee, and community leaders make our programs and educational experiences relevant for our younger generations with a focus on teaching hands-on skills that will benefit our students throughout life.

After 10 years of having their children integrated into the Agassiz Public School System, parents from Seabird Island petitioned the Band to open its own Band-operated community school. From that petition, the vision of Seabird Island Community School was born, and in 1980 that vision would come to life. In 1989 Seabird Island Community School construction began. Seabird Island Community School would be envisioned as a First Nations on-reserve school designed to promote and foster our First Nations culture and language. Two years later it would be completed and would open its doors to children attending Kindergarten to Grade 6.
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