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School information

Lalme’ Iwesawtexw (Seabird Island Community School) was named in memory of Mary Charles who was the mother of Grand Chief Archie Charles and a long-time resident of Seabird Island.

It was Mary’s dream for Seabird Island to be able to offer our children education on-reserve that not only taught the regular curriculum offered at off-reserve schools, but also taught our First Nations’ language and culture. Mary was give the traditional name Lalme by her friends and family and when the school was built it was named Lalme’ Iwesawtexw, or Mary’s House of Learning. Mary would later became Chairperson of the School Committee after it was built. Seabird Island School will proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary on September 1st, 2016.

Lalme’ Iwesawtexw is an both an Independent School as well as a Band School which means that we are funded federally and provincially and that we are governed by the BC Ministry of Education Independent School Act. We are committed to providing quality education and maintaining an environment that promotes, and encourages students to learn to explore and experience new pathways. As a First Nations school we are committed to ensuring that First Nations history, culture, and language are taught as must as possible throughout the year and in each area of study.

Our mission is to provide a supportive and culturally relevant learning environment which places a high value on life-long learning, respect for self and others, honesty, integrity, generosity, and hard work.  All teaching staff are certified with the B.C.  College of Teachers and are committed to student success and well-being. .  We have approximately 300 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and follow and deliver the same BC curriculum as all public schools as well as recognized and accredited courses at the secondary level enabling students to receive a B.C. Dogwood Diploma.

The role of the parent is:

  • to act as a caring and involved partner in the learning process of your child.
  • to be an informed participant in the democratic processes within the school community.
  • to be an advocate of the school in the community at large.

The role of the teacher is:

  • to provide quality instruction to all students, in a caring and supportive manner, which facilitates the continuous learning of his/her students.
  • to serve as a positive role model for the importance of promoting life-long learning.
  • to inform the parents of the observations and assessments of their child’s progress.
  • to be an advocate of the school in the community at large.

The role of the student is:

  • to cooperate with other students and adults in the school.
  • to take an active part in his/her learning process.
  • to be actively involved in the school and community.

The role of administration is:

  • to ensure that all decision making and actions support the well being and best interests of the students.
  • to act as an advocate and supporter of each student’s learning.
  • to provide organizational and educational support for all staff.
  • to inform and liaise with parents and external support services.
  • to meet professional responsibilities with honesty, integrity and respect for others.
  • to act as an advocate of education and the school.
In addition to offering the full BC Graduation Certificate (Dogwood) and strong academic programs, students receive specialization in 5 streams:

  1. Mechanics: Metal Work
  2. Family: Textiles, and Family Studies
  3. Woodwork: Carpentry and Wood Craft
  4. Fine Arts: Studio Arts and Band
  5. Business Education: Digital Communications
  6. Applied Skills: Hair Dressing and Nail Technician
We are committed to excellence in education and student success. Please view our bios for more information on our directors, instructors, and support staff.

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Elementary: Box 530, 2821 Chowat Road, Agassiz BC V0M 1A0
High School: Box 530, 2811 Chowat Road, Agassiz BC V0M 1A0

Office hours: Weekdays from 7:45am – 3:30pm. Closed on all statutory holidays.
Phone: (604) 796-3061
Fax: (604) 796-3068
Principal: Shari White | Vice Principal: Barbara White

Seabird Island Community School remains committed to the preservation of the Halq’eméylem language. At Seabird Island Community School, the Cultural Identity Studies program begins in Kindergarten and continues through Grade 12. Our classes are designed to promote and encourage students to be proud of First Nations heritage and history. An understanding of who First Nations’ people are prepares the students to become valuable contributing members of society and learn to take responsibility for the future generations.

We employ four language workers to assist in the on-going development and implementation of First Nations curriculum.

After 10 years of having their children integrated into the Agassiz Public School System, parents from Seabird Island petitioned the Band to open its own Band-operated community school. From that petition, the vision of Seabird Island Community School was born, and in 1980 that vision would come to life. In 1989 Seabird Island Community School construction began. Seabird Island Community School would be envisioned as a First Nations on-reserve school designed to promote and foster our First Nations culture and language. Two years later it would be completed and would open its doors to children attending Kindergarten to Grade 6.
The Seabird Community School Education Committee believes that a Code of Conduct should:

  1. Help create an atmosphere in which the school is able to fulfill its duty to provide educational services to students.
  2. Help create an atmosphere in which each student may take advantage of those educational services and carry out such learning activities as may be required;
  3. Foster the development in each student of a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions; and
  4. Help create an atmosphere of trust and security in which students may grow confidence as a result of their achievements.

The Seabird Island Education Society further believes that the initial training and discipline of the child begins at home. The parents must ensure that child/ren come to school with the attitude of respect for all people and all things.

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High School

8:45 am Warning bell
8:50 am – 9:50 am Block A
9:50 am Class change
9:55 am – 10:55 am Block B
10:55 am Recess
11:00 am Warning bell
11:05 am – 12:05 pm Block C
12:05 pm – 12:50 pm Lunch break
12:50 pm Warning bell
12:55 pm – 1:55 pm Block D
1:55 pm Class change
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Block E