Creativity was on display Saturday morning

/Creativity was on display Saturday morning

Seabird Island Community School hosted a Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition this past Saturday.

This exciting event challenged students, aged 9 to 14 years (Grades 5 to 9), to build a bridge using only Popsicle sticks and glue, and design it to be capable of holding heavy loads.

There were many entries from students and staff at Seabird Island Community School.

Bridges must be built using a maximum of 100 wooden Popsicle sticks and regular white all-purpose glue. Popsicle sticks must be left whole. A sheet of construction paper may be used for the deck of the bridge, which must be capable of having a matchbox car rolled across it. The car is approximately 35 mm wide and 15 mm high. The bridge must clearly span a 500 mm gap. The load is applied at the top of the bridge, near the center, using a specially designed loading device that measures the load at failure.

The competition called for bridges to be placed on a measuring device which put pressure on the bridge until it collapsed.

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